Lawn Problems
Cape Daisy

Cape Daisy (Arctotheca calendula) is also known as Cape Weed. As depicted in the photograph above, it has short thick […]

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Chickweed (Stellaria media) and mouse eared chickweed (Ceratium glomeratum) are part of a number of different types of weeds that are referred […]

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Couch grass

Couchgrass (Cynodon dactylon) is a warm season creeping grass that is sometimes referred to as twitch or Indian doab.  The […]

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Creeping Oxalis

Creeping oxalis (Oxalis exilis) is a member of the Oxalidaceae that is a native of New Zealand. Its leaves are […]

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Creeping Speedwell

Creeping speedwell (Veronica filformis) is one of four similar forms of veronica that occurs as weeds in lawns.  This is […]

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The common daisy (Bellis perennis) is a troublesome weed which is easily identified by the characteristic white flower with a […]

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Dock (Rumex obtusifolius) is a relatively common tap-rooted weed that in found throughout New Zealand, however because of its size it […]

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Many lawns become yellow over summer due to mass of yellow flowers appearing from weeds commonly referred to as dandelions. […]

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Hydrocotyle ( including H.americana, H. heteromeria, H. novae-zeelandiae, H.mochata) is also known as Pennywort. It is a  common perennial that grows vigorously via […]

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Onehunga weed (Solvia sessilis) is named after the suburb in Auckland where it was first found, though it actually originates from […]

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Paspalum (Paspalum dilatatum) is a perennial grass weed that causes problems on lawns throughout the North Island of New Zealand. […]

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Pearlwort  (Sagina procumbens) is more accurately called procumbent pearlwort. It is a diminutive bright green coloured plant that has small […]

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Poa annua

Poa annua is an annual grass weed from the large Poa family that tends to act as an annual grass […]

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There are four types of speedwell all from the Veronica family. Creeping speedwell is dealt with under its own heading. […]

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Summer grass

Summergrass is a term used to describe a range of annual subtropical annual weeds the seeds of which are endemic in […]

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Twin Cress

Twin cress ( Coronopus didymus) and a similar species called wart cress ( Coronopus squamatus) are common broadleaf weeds in […]

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White Clover

White Clover  (Trifolium repens) is a native of Europe and is common in pastures, roadsides, wasteland and lawns throughout New […]

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  Yarrow belongs to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family, and in the vegetative state resembles a number of other turf weeds […]

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