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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open on weekends?

Unfortunately not. Our staff already work extra hard during the week, so they deserve those vital 2 days off!

Do we have eftpos?

Send card details via pigeon. Yes, we have EFTPOS!

Do we sell seed or fertilizer?

Yes, we sell a wide range of seed, fertilisers and herbicides to cater to a variety of lawn types. These can be purchased through our store or via our online store.

Do you sell ready lawn?

Readylawn is simply a Trade name for instant turf. We sell instant turf!

How many rolls of turf can you fit on a pallet?

Once again, this depends on the season of grass. Cool-season will fit 60 rolls. Whereas the warm season grasses will fit 50.

How thick is the sod on a roll of turf?

Allow 10-15mm. It is recommended the turf is Installed slightly "proud" knowing that the freshly cultivated ground underneath will compact over time.

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