Etho-Pro 1 Litre

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A spray for control of POA Annua and some other annual grass weeds in Rye and Tall Fescue turf.

Etho-Pro is a pre and post-emergent herbicide used for the control of many grass weeds and broadleaf weeds in both Ryegrass and Tall Fescue Turf.

Highly susceptible weeds include Chickweed, Summer Grass, Speedwell, Bristle Grass, Barnyard Grass and Annual Poa, all of which are common issues in high quality amenity turf.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

It is difficult to selectively remove foreign grasses from ryegrass and tall fescue lawns. Due to this lack of effective post emergent herbicides available the most reliable method of control is preventing these weeds from germinating and establishing.  Etho-Pro can be applied at 40ml/100m² as a pre-emergent herbicide to minimise the germination of the common turf weeds mentioned above.  For Barnyard grass, Bristle Grass and Summer Grass this application is made prior to the expected emergence of these weeds in late October or early November.  A repeat treatment will be necessary 6 weeks later as Etho-Pro is biologically degraded in soil.  The same method can be used in Autumn prior to Annual Poa germination, once again with a repeat treatment 6 weeks later.

By using this method Rye and Tall Fescue Turf can be maintained to a high standard, with a noticeable reduction in weed establishment and therefore minimising maintenance spraying throughout the year.

Etho-Pro can also be used as a pre-emergent application straight after sowing for ryegrass only.  This will not affect the germination of the ryegrass seed.  Note that this technique cannot be used for Tall Fescue as it will retard the germination rates

Post-emergent Weed Control

If Annual Poa does germinate through winter Etho-Pro can be used as a post-emergent spray at 40ml/100m².  This can be done at any time through winter on Ryegrass Turf.  Do not mow for 4 – 5 days after application and a repeat treatment will be required 14 – 21 days later.  Some of the larger, more mature plants may require a further spot spray treatment again 14 – 21 days later.  This method can be used on Tall Fescue turf also, but the timing should be delayed until the Tall Fescue begins to grow more rapidly, generally mid August.

From experience Tall Fescue does get knocked back a little by Etho-Pro at label rates, so a healthy growing lawn should be achieved before commencing Annual Poa control in late winter.

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