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Yarrow belongs to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family, and in the vegetative state resembles a number of other turf weeds from this family.  Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium) is often confused with soldier’s button ( Cotula australis). Soldier’s button originates from Australia and so is not native unlike the cotula species (which now belongs to the Leptinella genus) which is commonly used in bowling greens. Yarrow is found throughout the world and originates from Europe. It is a perennial species and has an subterranean rhizome system which spreads to form new plants. This subterranean root system can make control somewhat more difficult and repeat herbicide applications may be required to exert full control.


  • Clopyralid (versatill) appears to be the most effective herbicide to control this species. Also note that products containing either 2,4D & Dicamba or Picloram & Triclopyr may have some limited success in controlling this species.

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