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Tasmanian Grass Grub (Acrossidius tasmaniae). This species is often confused with Black Beetle as both the adults and the grubs look similar. However, the grubs which unlike Black Beetle live in small burrows near the surface and emerge to eat foliage near the tunnel entrance. They create damage from the period May through until November, with the adults emerging in December and January.


  • Survey the lawn by taking spade width squares in a variety of areas preferably before damage is noticeable. This is best to occur in November or December. Tip the sod upside down and inspect the soil. If two or more grubs are found then apply Pyrifos G granules at label rates. Please treat this compound as a poison and take all necessary precautions to ensure that there is no skin contact. This product requires 25mm of water applied within 7 days of application.

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