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There are four types of speedwell all from the Veronica family. Creeping speedwell is dealt with under its own heading. (See accompanying photographs). The leaves are dark green slightly elongated with toothed margins. The flowers are pale blue or white and are held on relatively small stalks.  Speedwell is found as a common weed in many lawns and waste areas in New Zealand.


  • All turf types:Speedwell is one of the more difficult to control broadleaf weed species but it can be selectively controlled by using bromoxynil + ioxynil & mecaprop-p.( Axall or Image). Because it is notoriously difficult to control, it is advisable to spray it or dig it out as soon as it is noticed. Products that contain the active ingredients Triclopyr and Picloram will provide a measure of control but this is only temporary.

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