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Hydrocotyle ( including H.americana, H. heteromeria, H. novae-zeelandiae, H.mochata) is also known as Pennywort. It is a  common perennial that grows vigorously via a network of stolons. It has small heavily serrated circular shaped leaves that are light green in colour. It forms a dense mat which  suppresses the growth of desirable turf species. It has a distinctive odour when crushed that resembles cat’s urine. It prefers moist, shady areas but will survive well in full sunshine. Some people even use it as the primary composition of their lawn however, it is not durable under heavy or constant wear situations.


  • All temperate species: Whilst most normal broadleaf weeds will burn the leaf of Hydrocotyle they will not provide long term control as the plants will recover rapidly. Herbicides containing Triclopyr & Picloram ( eg; Triumph, Victory, Brushkiller) will provide good control. However, this product should only be applied to fine turf species from spring through until mid-autumn when the grass plants are actively growing. Likewise these products should not be applied in hot dry conditions when the plants are under heat stress or moisture stress. NOTE; Products containing Triclpyr or Picloram should not be applied to warm season grasses such as Kikuyu, seashore paspalum or couchgrass

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