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The causal agent of this relatively common disease is fungi related to the Basidiomycete species. This disease is obvious by the rings, circles or arcs of stimulated turf growth. Most typically these will be accompanied by the appearance of mushrooms or fruiting bodies in the second stage of  the infestion. It is most commonly observed on sandy soil types and on older, established and thatched lawns. In occurs more often in summer particularly when the fertilizer regime is either poor or non existent and in the presence of large amounts of decomposing organic matter. For this reason it is more commonly observed on older NZ Browntop lawns that have not been dethatched.


  • Apply a balanced fertilizer such as Turf Gold applied at 35mgs/m2 or 3.5kgs per 100m2Increase watering frequency. De-thatch the lawn in autumn. Typically, Fairy rings cannot be controlled using fungicides

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