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The common daisy (Bellis perennis) is a troublesome weed which is easily identified by the characteristic white flower with a yellow centre that is often used to make “daisy chains”. It grows as a rosette and belongs to the asteraceae family. These grow as rosettes in the  vegetative state which are often joined to gether by subterranean  stems


  • Herbicides containing Picloram appear to be the most effective and this includes products such as Triumph, Victory Gold, & Tordon brushkiller. Be aware the fine fescue and NZ Browntop will discolour if these products are applied during the cooler winter months when the plants are not actively growing. . Therefore it is best to apply this product from September through until April. Fine turf species will also be affected if Brushkiller is applied to lawns that are suffering from heat stress or moisture stress. Therefore, the best control will occur if these species are sprayed prior to flowering and when the grass plants are actively growing.

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