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The causal agent for Crown Rust is the plant pathogen Puccinia coronata. and it affects both ryegrasses and Kentucky Bluegrass. It can occur at any time of the year but tends to be most common from early summer to late autumn particularly in mild, humid weather conditions. The affected turf appears rust coloured due to the production of numerous yellow or orange spores on the leaf. It is most particularly seen on low fertility soils where ryegrass lawns in autumn during dry conditions and in the absence of irrigation

Often these spores can be easily detected on footwear when walking across an infected lawn.


  • Apply a nitrogen rich fertiliser such as Turf Supreme at 35gms/m2 or 3.5kgs per 100m2. Ensure that this fertilizer is applied prior to impending rain, during rain or alternatively water the lawn thoroughly after application.Increase the water application after application.Mow more frequently

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