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Creeping speedwell (Veronica filformis) is one of four similar forms of veronica that occurs as weeds in lawns.  This is a perennial weed that has wide hairy kidney shaped leaf.  The stems produce roots to enable them to creep along the ground which creates a very dense mat. This mat suppresses the growth of the desirable turf species.  The leaves are dark green and are lightly serrated or toothed. It produces small pale blue or almost white flowers on longish stalks. It is regarded as more difficult to control than the other varieties of speedwell.


  • All turf types: Creeping speedwell can be selectively controlled by using bromoxynil & ioxynil & mecaprop. ( Sold as Axall or Image). Repeat applications may be required in circumstances where there is a lot of mature creeping speedwell in the lawn.

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