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Creeping oxalis (Oxalis exilis) is a member of the Oxalidaceae that is a native of New Zealand. Its leaves are comprised of three leaflets that have notches at the tip which is why many people confuse it with clover.  It is a perennial plant that grows from creeping stems and stolons which means that it has a tendency to creep over and smother the other more desirable turf species. It is additionally distinguishable by small yellow flowers that are produced for much of the year.  It appears to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions from damp poorly drained soils to quite arid environments.  Its small size and prostrate growth habit make close cut lawns an ideal habitat for its proliferation.  It can be selectively controlled using the active ingredients Picloram & Triclopyr which is sold as the herbicide Triumph Gold.


  • Creeping oxalis is able to be selectively removed from all cool season turf species using products containing Picloram and Triclopyr such as Triumph, Victory and Tordon Brushkiller. Please note that these products cannot be used on warm season grasses such as kikuyu and couch. For these grasses control is best achieved using repeat applications of 2,4-D & Dicamba (sold as Banvine) or mecoprop, MCPA & dicamba (sold as Broadsword)

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