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Chickweed (Stellaria media) and mouse eared chickweed (Ceratium glomeratum) are part of a number of different types of weeds that are referred to as chickweed.  Typically Chickweed has long stems with rounded leaves placed as opposing pairs on the stem. The leaves are hairless as are the stems but the leaf stalks are hairy. Whereas Mouse Eared Chickweed is a bluish-green colour and has very hairy leaves and stems. In turf situations they tend to creep along the ground suffocating desirable plants. All chickweeds have small white flowers.


  • Chickweeds are more difficult to control than many broadleaf weeds as they are not susceptible to 2,4D, dicamba or clopyralid. Picloram & Tricopyr (Triumph, Victory, Tordon Brushkiller) is effective as is Mecoprop & Ixoynil ( Image, Axall). These should be applied at label rates when the turf is actively growing.

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