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Twin cress ( Coronopus didymus) and a similar species called wart cress ( Coronopus squamatus) are common broadleaf weeds in new turf . They belong to the Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) family.  These are annuals and as such they tend to dissipate from the sward within 12 months even without chemical intervention. They germinate rapidly after soil cultivation and grow as rosettes when young. Although annual weeds such as this species will die naturally within a year, it is preferable that they are removed early in the establishment phase to assist the development of  establishing turf grass seedlings by reducing competition for space and nutrients.





  • These species are susceptible to most selective broadleaf chemicals. However, because they germinate in large numbers in young turf it is preferable to control them at an earlier stage than other broadleaf weeds. The best solution for this is to apply Inoxynil & Bromoxnil (Axall) at recommended label rates

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