Tall Fescue

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Tall Fescue  (Festuca arundinacea) is a cool season grass that originated in Europe. It is a bunch type species that is very dark green, erect and rather coarse textured. It is characterized by having a wide, distinctly ribbed, leaf and a glossy lower leaf surface. The leaf does not possess a distinct keel. It is quite drought tolerant, hard wearing, persistent and adaptive to a wide range of differing soil types. It is also slightly less susceptible to the activity of black beetle larvae when compared to either ryegrass or fine fescue.  These characteristics have ensured that it is rapidly becoming a very popular species in the domestic lawn market.  Note that because of its very dark green colouration foreign grasses tend to appear prominently if established within tall fescue lawns.  Additionally, it is very difficult to  selectively remove these foreign grasses from Tall Fescue lawns using herbicides. As a result Finelawn recommends the regular use of pre-germination sprays to prevent foreign grasses particularly Poa annua from germinating.  Tall fescue is slow germinating from seed particularly during cooler weather conditions. Recommended sowing rates are also relatively high at 45 – 50gms per square metre.

The preferable mowing height is 50mm

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