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Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum) or saltwater couch does not resemble its namesake paspalum which is the curse of many northern lawns over summer. Instead it is similar in appearance to couchgrass or burmudagrass except that it is far more attractive and has a bright green colouration.  It has a distinctive reddish purple sheath and is both rhizomatous and stoloniferous. It has a prostrate growth habit unlike its cousin paspalum paspaloids or Mercer Grass which is common on the margins of lakes and swamps north of Hamilton. It is a warm season species and  as such is only suitable for use in the warmest areas of New Zealand.  It will go into a state of dormancy if exposed to continued periods of cool temperatures or if exposed to frosts. Typically, it will not grow from May – August in New Zealand conditions.  It is highly attractive, drought tolerant and is highly tolerant of salt. Indeed several golf courses in Florida  irrigate their seashore paspalum using salt water. Note that herbicides that contain Picloram or Triclopyr should not be used on this species.

The ideal mowing height is 20mm.

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