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Ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) or more accurately dwarf or amenity ryegrass is even sometimes referred to as American ryegrass. It is characterised by being fast establishing with a bright to dark green colouration and leaves that are moderately ribbed with very glossy lower leaf surfaces. The sheath blade at the base of the plant is distinctly purplish or red in colour. Since the 1970’s and the introduction of dwarf varieties this has become a very popular lawn or amenity species. It germinates rapidly, establishes easily and withstands high wear conditions and as such is very popular for use in sports fields. It does not survive well in areas of low light incidence such as very shady sites. It prefers moist, highly fertile soils and tends to be nitrogen hungry if it is to perform at its best.  Dwarf ryegrasses have been the subject of significant effort from plant breeders around the world and many cultivars are now available including creeping cultivars and a cultivar that is immune to glyphosate. Ask the office for the availability of these cultivars.

For great results it should be mown very regularly at a height of 30mm – 35mm.

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