Regal Staygreen Kikuyu

Price: 9.00/m2

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Regal Staygreen (Pennisetum clandestinum)  is a new generation Kikuyu cultivar that has been developed over the past decade in Australia in association with PGG Wrightson Turf. Regal is characterised as being fine, leafier and darker green in colour than common Kikuyu. Kikuyu has recently increased in prominence as a turf species and is now used in Auckland for establishing sports fields and on the coastal fringe of the North Island where lawn establishment is often difficult on the arid and sandy soils that are prominent in those regions. It has a prostrate growth habit and is both rhizomatous and stoloniferous. It is highly tolerant of dry conditions, is highly persistent and is less susceptible to chewing and biting insects such as Black Beetle and Grass Grub than many other species. It discolours if exposed to repeated frosts and goes into dormancy when faced with persistent cool temperatures. This particular cultivar can seed prolifically particularly in autumn which results in the production of a profusion of fine white stamen filaments which appear unsightly. These stamens also have a tendency to attract birds which can damage the turf as they seek out the small seeds which are held close to the stem of the plant. Like all cultivars of kikuyu it does not like wet feet or shady areas. Please note that products containing Picloram and Triclopyr should not be used on this species. Call the office for advice on the control of foreign species. Sowing rates are 0.5kgs per 100m2 of lawn area and sowing is recommended to occur from late October to February.  Full cover will take 10 -12 weeks.

This species performs best if mown at 20mm. Mowing longer can lead to a rapid build up of a layer of thatch that can  be quite spongy.  Note that Finelawn no longer grow this cultivar as a turf variety.

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