Fine Fescue

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Fine Fescue (Festuca rubra spp.) is the name used to describe a number of different temperate turf types including chewings fescue, hard fescue, sheeps fescue and creeping or red fescue. They are all fairly similar in appearance and are characterised by fine narrow almost needle shaped leaves. They all form a dense mat and both chewings fescue and red fescue are traditionally popular lawn species. It is more tolerant of low light incidence situations than other turf grass species. It grows relatively slowly but it also tends to be relatively soft when exposed to heavy wear circumstances. It goes into dormancy when faced with drought conditions but as a rule it fully recovers once the autumn rains occur. It can be very susceptible to damage by black beetle over the warmer months. One huge advantage of this species is that the chemical Haloxyfop-P-methyl (sold as Ignite or Gallant) can be used to selectively remove all foreign grasses, so it is easy to maintain as a monoculture. It is under-rated as a lawn species in the warmer parts of the north island.  It germinates and develops relatively slowly if established using seed.

Ideal mowing height is 25mm -30mm

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