Couch Grass

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Couch (Cynodon dactylon)  is a warm season grass that is also known as Bermudagrass. It is one of the most important turf grasses internationally being used on many golf courses and amenity areas in regions such as the southern states of USA, Australia and other sub-tropical countries. It is a summer prominent species that tends to go into dormancy over the New Zealand winter. During this period it can often appear quite grey or brown in colouration. Additionally, it prefers sunny positions and does not perform well in shady areas.

As a result, it is normally only used as a turf grass in the warmer parts of northern New Zealand and prefers dry, warm and sunny areas rather than shady areas where it tends to become sparse. It is increasingly used as a sports field surface most particularly in Auckland where its strong horizontal growth coupled with prolific rhizomes and stolons ensures that it is ideal  for holding together sand based sports surfaces.  There are a number of different varieties available  commercially all with slightly different attributes.  It is a loosely tufted, slightly hairy perennial with long pointed rhizomes. The upper surface of the leaf blade is usually covered with scattered hairs as opposed to the lower surface which is less hairy. Because is it strongly rhizomatous it can have a requirement to be verticut or dethatched on a regular basis. Please note that products containing Picloram and Triclopyr should not be used on this species.  Finelawn produces two variants of this cultivar.  One is soil based whilst the other product has been top-dressed using 20mm of washed Turf Sand.

The ideal mowing height is 20 – 25mm.

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