Common Kikuyu

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Common kikuyu (Pennisetum clandesinium) which is sometimes referred to as wild kikuyu was originally introduced from Africa and as such it is a warm season species that is more commonly observed in the top half of the North Island. However, it can also be found in many coastal areas throughout the lower North Island.  It has hairy leaves, is green to yellowish green in colour and is both stoloniferous and rhizomatous in its growth habit. It grows rapidly over the summer months once ground temperatures exceed approximately 16°C.  This species is extremely durable, hard wearing and drought tolerant.  It is also less susceptible to the activities of chewing and biting insects such as black beetle than many other lawn species. Because of its strong creeping habit it will rapidly re-colonize areas that have been damaged or worn.    As a result it is ideal for many coastal locations as well as for sports fields. It will discolour or go into dormancy when faced with continued cool temperatures or if exposed to frosts. It makes a very acceptable lawn particularly if mown regularly and fed with small regular doses of nitrogen rich fertilisers which will act to enhance the appearance and darken the colouration.  Kikuyu does not like either wet or shady environments.   Please note that products containing Picloram and Triclopyr should not be used on this species.  Sowing rates are 0.5kgs per 100m2 of lawn area and sowing is recommended to occur from late October to February.  Full cover will take 10 -12 weeks.

Ideally it should be mown at 20mm. Any longer and a thick spongy thatch will develop.

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