New Zealand Browntop

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New Zealand Browntop (Agrostis tenuous) is the bent grass species most commonly used for golf greens in New Zealand. It has a bluish green hue with short narrow leaf blades. For a long time it was a traditionally popular species for use in domestic lawns.  However, it has lost popularity over the past 20 years particularly in the north island as a result of the introduction of improved cultivars of other species that are characterized by having better colour and are less prone to fungal disease and thatch.   It is usually rhizomatous and forms a dense sward when mown regularly. New Zealand Browntop tends to develop a thatch relatively quickly and as such mature lawns need to be verticut or dethatched on a regular basis. If not dethatched regularly Browntop can be susceptible to a number of different fungal diseases because the dead and decaying thatch layer creates an ideal environment for their proliferation.  This is a relatively low fertility species that will survive well in low nitrogen regimes. Finelawn does not grow any Browntop as turf, however we can contract grow this product if required.

It will survive  mowing heights as low as 4mm however for a residential lawn the ideal cutting height is 20mm – 25mm.