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Couch Grass Turf Instructions

  • It is important that the turf is laid on the same day that it is received. Finelawn will not warrantee the quality of our turf product if it is stored prior to use. Apply Pre-Plant Starter fertilizer to the soil at 4kgs per 100m2 prior to installing the turf.
  • Finelawn couch is a warm season grass which performs best on well drained soils in the transition zone or in warmer or coastal climates. It is characterised by being darker in colouration, finer and leafier than common couch. It is hard wearing, durable, drought tolerant and resistant to both fungal disease and chewing insects. As a warm season grass it is likely to discolour in winter. If exposed to consistently low temperatures or repeated frosts it will go into dormancy and turn light brown in colour when this occurs. It will fully recuperate once warmer temperatures prevail.
  • Immediately after the turf is laid, water to saturation point. Thereafter, keep moist until established. This will take approximately 14 – 21 days.
  • It is preferable to apply water in the mornings rather than during the day. Avoid excessive watering as this will lead to ponding. The ponded water heats up and scorches the plants.
  • Mow frequently during the establishment phase at the highest setting on your mower to avoid scalping. This will assist in promoting root development. The initial mowing should be at 35mm – 40mm. Thereafter, mowing every 5 – 6 days at no lower than 30mm, is optimal through this period. Once the turf is established, normal mowing can continue at a recommended height of 25mm.
  • Mow regularly using a catcher. Ensure the mower blades are sharp and maintain a minimum mowing height of 25mm. It is preferable to mow in different directions with each cut to avoid a graining effect.
  • Apply “BEST” TURF GOLD fertiliser four (4) weeks after installation and thereafter every 10-12 weeks at 3.0kgs per 100m2. A regular application of fertiliser ensures maintenance of the colour, vigour and density of the sward and therefore reduces the likelihood of weed infestations.
  • The lawn may require spraying for broadleaf weeds on a bi-annual basis. FINELAWN recommends using Banvine at label rates. Couchgrass is highly susceptible to certain herbicides. Please seek advice from the office prior to applications.
  • It is recommended to scalp the sward with a rotary mower early in spring, thereafter applying a dressing or Turf Gold fertilizer. This will lead to a leafier, finer sward over the summer months and avoid the necessity for verticutting.

If you have any further queries about the maintenance of your lawn please get in touch with us.

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