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Fine Fescue Turf Instructions

  • This turf is comprised of a blend of chewing’s fescue and creeping red fescue.  The advantage of this product is that it is able to sprayed selectively with the herbicide “Gallant” to remove all foreign grasses including paspalum, couch, agricultural grasses Yorkshire fog and poa annua.  Gallant used at label rates has no detrimental effect on the fescue.
  • Install this turf immediately upon delivery.  Finelawn will not take any responsibility for turf that is stored prior to installation.
  • Apply Pre Plant fertiliser @ 4kgs per 100m2 to the soil just prior to installing the turf.
  • Fescue is temperamental to install in summer and must be watered appropriately.  It should be thoroughly watered as soon as it is installed. Our installation teams commonly set up the sprinklers to commence as soon as they have 40 -50m 2 laid.  Thereafter, watering should ideally take place in the morning with a thorough soaking.  Please ensure that none of this water ponds because the sun rapidly heats this water and it will scorch the grass. Ideally, the turf should also receive a light application of water at the hottest part of the day.  This should take the form of a light spray between 2.00pm – 4.00pm and this is simply designed to take the heat away from the surface.  This is important for the first 7 -10 days after installation.
  • Evapotranspiration which is the rate at which water is lost from the combined soil and plant system normally registers in the vicinity of 4mm -6mm per day in summer.  It is important that the amount of water applied daily replaces this as a minimum requirement.  The easiest way to determine how much you are applying is to place a bowl on the ground under your sprinklers and measure exactly how much water is being applied.
  • Mow frequently throughout the establishment phase at a height of 35mm.  Once established this can be gradually reduced to a height of 20 – 25mm. Always use a catcher.
  • Apply Turf Gold fertilizer four (4) weeks after installation and then every 10-12 weeks at 25grams/m 2. A regular application of fertilizer ensures maintenance of the colour, vigour and density of the sward and therefore reduces the likelihood of weed infestations and diseases. This is a key component to maintaining the turf in a healthy state after establishment.
  • The lawn may require spraying for broadleaf weeds on a bi-annual basis.  Please contact the office for advice and recommendations on spraying practices.

If you have any further queries about the maintenance of your lawn please get in touch with us.

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