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White Clover  (Trifolium repens) is a native of Europe and is common in pastures, roadsides, wasteland and lawns throughout New Zealand.  It is a legume and as such it is regarded as an important pasture species because of its activity in fixing nitrogen from atmospheric nitrogen. However, it is not welcome as a lawn species because it can be slippery when wet and because it’s flowers attract bees.  It is a relatively common weed in lawns throughout New Zealand largely because the seeds can remain viable in the soil for extended periods of time. White clover in particular is easily recognised by the familiar trifoliate leaves and the distinctive white, round flower heads. All the commonly used selective broadleaf herbicides will control white clover in lawns.


  • Clover is relatively easy to selectively remove from lawns and a wide range of selective broadleaf herbicides can be used successfully. All Lawns; Mecaprop, MCPA & dicamba (sold as Broadsword) or 2,4-D & dicamba (sold as Banvine) applied at label rates will control all species of clover. CAUTION; Triclopyr and Picloram blends (sold as Triumph, Brushkiller, Victory and Tordon Gold) are also effective at controlling clover but these products should not be used on couch, seashore paspalum or kikuyu lawns.

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